Oh, how we love us some Mudville! The wonderful Chamberlin family has offered us the use of their property for our stateside wedding reception and are we ever grateful because A) it is such a beautiful, wonderful, happy, comfortable fun place and B) we totally blew our wad in Mexico.

The stateside reception will be held in Mudville, in Corbett, Oregon on July 17, 2011 from 12 PM until late.
We'll be sleeping over there from Saturday night until Monday morning. You are welcome to come for the day or make a weekend out of it.

Mudville is located at:
41025 SE Loudon Rd, Corbett, OR 97019

Here it is on Google Maps:

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The Google instructions work fine to get there. Just be sure to look for the mailbox that says Mudville on the right, then turn left directly across and go through the nursery stockin the top meadow. We'll put up signs on the big day and make it real obvious for you, too.

We'll need you to park at the back of the top field and we'll get people to help do a shuttle service up and down the hill. Talk to Kat or Joseph if you need to bring your own car down to the house and can't catch a shuttle up or down the driveway with us.
If you can take a shift as a love mobile driver, let us know!

The phone at Mudville is 503 695 5756. Many cells don't work in the canyon.

What to bring:
That super festive outfit you have that makes you look like you got shot out of a pinata. Flip flops or comfortable shoes are a good idea.
• People often wish they had a swimsuit when they're in Mudville in the summertime. Bring one if you're a waterbaby!
Fishing poles (There may still be trout left after a bad heron ate many of them; they are the big and dumb, easy to catch, delicious kind.)
• Wedding haikus.
• Musical instruments are great.
• We are also pro hula hoop, luchador masks, parade finery, and other such kerfuffle. Throw em in the car!

Camping gear if you want to sleep over in one of the pretty pretty campsites (You are welcome to come out on Saturday night and make a weekend out of it and be a part of the prep crew or just stay over on Sunday. If you plan on drinking, please do think about sleeping over, as we love you best and most alive!)

We'll be serving up a great pile of protein, either in the form of a whole spit roasted animal or in some other delicious format.
We'll also offer a generous selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available for you to have a go at.

If you are a food bearing type, we'd love to have your offering on our feast table. The theme of this celebration is "THE BOUNTY OF OREGON" - So knowing that, we need appetizers, vegetables, snickie-snacks, etc. Bring something local, fresh and delicious. Simple handheld foods are preferred.

There is a nice big gas grill and a firepit. The kitchen can be used, too.

Mudville is paradise for well behaved dogs. If your dog is a well behaved, lovely and kind dog, it is welcome. Same goes for kids. There is a dog pen out there.

If you haven't received the Facebook invitation to the event, please contact Katherina (k@kpetunia.com) or Joseph (josephwccca[at]yahoo.com) to get invited to the event and find out more as details unfold.

RSVP Please!
All are welcome, the more the merrier, but please DO let us know if you're coming so we can make sure we have enough food and drinks for all.


We hope you'll make it out to celebrate our love and life together!




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